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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Students / School Tours to Sweetwaters/ Nanyuki, Sweetwaters, Serena Sweetwaters, Ol Pejeta Ranch, Mt. Kenya

Last week I had a fabulous time as I lead a group of students and teachers from Nairobi to tour Ol Pejeta Ranch in Nanyuki, Kenya. They had a great time at the Serena Sweetwater's Camp as they dined and wined overlooking the wild animals. The giraffes turned out to be my favorite this time round as they posed for the shots better than models.
Unlike last year same time this time it was much drier and few animals although the lion came to slurp some water in the watering hole just right next to my tent and the roar almost sent me under the nicely made queen bed!

We witnessed the best views ever of the snow capped mountain on the equator, Mt. Kenya. So clear, so bright, so beautiful but this was shunned in a few days after a bushfire broke on the slopes of the magnificent Mt. Kenya. The smoke covered the snow capped mountain as efforts intensified to encumber the fire.  Luckily before we left the fire was controlled and we could see the phenomenon again.
With the building of the Thika Superhighway in Progress one needs to have enough time especially if you are catching a flight. The traffic jams is unpredictable since most sections of the road are diverted and one has to drive at a very low speed.
The visit to Sweetwaters was wonderful and makes me long to go back to the Mt. Kenya region soon. 
Watch this space for more updates