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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meet Koki the Kenya Airways Dreamliner female pilot!

Ms. Irene Koki Mutungi, She is the first female pilot in Africa to be licensed to fly Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Captain Koki is highly regarded having flown the state-of-the-art super-efficient airplane from Charleston, South Carolina, and delivered Kenya Airways 4th Dreamliner to our very own Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
The crew in the dreamliner also included a female flight purser, Load master and cabin crew.  Captain Koki has worked with the airline for almost two decades and flown several other planes to different destinations.
 Welcoming the dreamliner was the finance director Alex Mbugua who had this to say “This is a historical moment for Kenya Airways as we have proved to the world and our aviation peers of our deliberate commitment to human resource development by providing an equal opportunity to our sisters. I look forward to a day in the near future when this aircraft will be managed 100 per cent by ladies crew now that we already have two first officers undergoing certification.” 

The touchdown was matched to the tunes of local dancers and the Kenya Airport Authority fire brigade with their ceremonial water cannon showers.

Ms. Irene Koki Mutungi, whose father was also a pilot with Kenya Airways has made history in Africa and has set a great example to all aspiring lady pilots.

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