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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eatouts Around Nairobi

Amaica Restaurant in Milimani

This is one relaxed place you can just come and have a good African meal.  Here they use the traditional methods of serving to make you really connect with our Kenyan Culture.  The restaurant is located in the junction of Ralph Bunche and Milimani road. making it suitable for you to avoid the hustle and bustle of the CBD.  You can always make your reservations  at or call 254724477663

Bamboo Zen Garden
If you want a pan -Asian cuisine, Japanese, Chinese or something like Thai this is the place to come their meals are well prepared. The shushi bar which is situated just in Bamboo oriental restaurant  is the best if you want a quick meal for one or two. This restaurant is  located in Spring Valley  lower Kabete Road.  This restaurant is open daily.
Lunch     from 12.00- 2.30pm
Dinner    from 6; 30- 10; 30pm
 Deliveries from Monday - Saturday: +254 803 4445/6

Mughals Restaurant
For the people who want breakfast lunch dinner delivered in the office this is the ideal  restaurant for you. either starters from the jiko, fries vegetables hot drinks soft drinks you just need to give them a call  and they will deliver in your location at a small fee. Its located in adams arcade along Ngong road.
You can order from  the menu


For lovers of good tasty chicken ,Chicken inn is the destination for you  it has more  meals served like the chicken/beef burger, spicy wingz, slow roasted rotisserie chicken,   and many tasty foods are found here. Their well distributed location around Nairobi make it suitable for everyone whenever they are. Along ngong road at oil Libya petrol staion , oil Libya in westland Ring road, Langata road, Lusaka road. All those are well distributed near your residence.

Anghiti Restaurant
This is a perfect place to go for celebration be it work parties,group booking ,birthday Christmas parties, they have great menus like the dum, biriyani,kebabs and other great delicases. There is food both catering for  vegetarian and non- vegetarian. They have two restaurant
The New Rehema House Rapta Road In Westlands
Mobile: +254734 320 330
Delivery: 020 26645

 Muthaiga shopping mall next to Muthaiga Mini Market Limuru Road. Mobile: 0786264481
Delivery: 020 - 2664585
They also do outside catering incase you need  service.

Seven sea food grill in Nairobi
It’s located in the Abc place waiyaki way Westland’s its  one of the premier restaurants  to go for dinner and lunch. It offer one of the best tasty meals  of Indian ocean that we have in the market, oyster, lobster, prawns and ocean fish are delivered daily.  Its still one of the first place to have its  cocktail bar “champagne and fishbowl “ opened and endorsed by veuve cliquot. Its always opened from Monday to Sunday 1100hrs to 2300hrs
You can always make reservations through
+254(0)737776677 or  email

Carnivore Restaurant 
Lovers of meat are all welcome to carnivore restaurant, here you can eat several kind of meat ranging from ostrich , crocodile,camel  served with delicious side dishes making great accompaniment, its situated 4 km away  from the city centre along langata road just near Wilson airport. The carnivore gardens makes a great place for outdoor concerts which is able to hold almost 20,000 people. The carnivore is always open for lunch and dinner daily.  You can make reservations through : 0733611608 or 0722204648

 Lord Erroll Restaurant

The Lord erroll is a restaurant located in Runda along Ruaka road it has several dining rooms that can serve groups of 6-20 people. It’s widely known for its French cuisine such as smoked salmon, Escargot bourguigon. They also have some of the finest wines in the world. This is one place that is so suitable for cooperate meetings. You can make your reservations at erroll@lord- or call 254 20 7122433

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get Your Reward When You Travel

There are many reasons we travel. Sometimes you are required by circumstance for example a wedding in the family, or you are going for honeymoon or bereavement in friend’s family. Then you find yourself miles away from home.  But there are other times when you schedule on your diary, that this weekend I want to tour the Mara or London or Paris to see the Effie tower. No matter the circumstance there are immense benefits for traveling.
I will take you through 5 great rewards you get when you travel

Travel awakens your brains
Being in the same environment over and over again creates a norm which is not healthy and makes us so dormant but try at least once a month to move out from your comfort zone called home go even though it’s your next hometown you will realize later how much knowledge you have, how exposed you are to different culture and thus will help you to cope with different people and will make you an excellent leader.

Meet new faces
When you move away from your work station or residence it will help you meet new people who you could have never met, this will help you add your list of friends and nothing good like having friends all over the world you will always have a person to help you when you are in shit anywhere in the world. Maybe you are New York and you miss your flight and you don’t have a clue of a hotel which will meet your budget but your friend will always be there. Getting new knowledge from your new friends can be really helpful maybe you have been struggling with a problem and your new friends maybe the sent saviour to help you out.

See life from another perspective
What makes us continue with racism, tribalism is that we love looking one side of thecoin and mostly the negative one but don’t want to turn it over. But fear of change is the cause of our ignorance not until you travel it’s when you will stop looking at things like our grandfathers did.

Build confidence   

When you move from your usual place – your comfort zone - and go to a place you have never been,and get involved in  new activities, this creates confidence and  resilience to try some more and to conquer new frontiers in your social and business life.

Creating memories
There is nothing great like hear people narrate stories of their childhood what they did, where they were taken by their parents, at the moment it just occur like you are having fun not until you realize the good memories that were created out of the fun. When you travel to a new place it’s very easy to remember that moment even in your old age, and to narrate it to other people who have never gone makes it more fun.
As St. Augustine says the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Do not miss the fun going down this November in Egypt and Israel great countries with a lot of adventures and developments to see.  Group trips to Israel from Kenya.

One of the most famous ancient site in the world “THE GREAT PYRAMIDS AT GIZA” which are the main attraction in Egypt  most pyramids were constructed for burying pharaohs’ of those days and the bigness was for emphasizing their power and strength that they held in Egypt.

Facts about Israel
-Israel has the highest number of museums per head in the world.
-The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem is the world’s oldest continuously used cemetery
- Israel cows produce more milk per cow than almost any country in the world
-Israel is the largest immigrant-absorbing nation on earth. Immigrants come in search of democracy, religious freedom, and economic opportunity.
The Promised Land
God promised the land of Israel to Abraham:
In the Bible Genesis15:17-18 -And it came to pass, when the sun went down and it was dark, that behold, there appeared a smoking oven and a burning torch that passed between those pieces. On the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying: "To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates.

Israel is described as the land of milk and honey in the bible and Israel’s dairy herd is genetically made up of Israeli-Holstein Cows, characterized by their adaptability to harsh and varied climatic conditions. Israel has zero-grazing for dairy cows and some for beef cattle
The dairy sector supplies more than 80%of the country’s dairy requirements, with production potential greatly exceeding domestic needs.
Israel’s dairy herds supply 45% of the country’s demand for fresh red meat. The rest of local market demand is met by beef breed herds located in grazing areas


Israel’s poultry sector accounts for almost 1/8 of the country’s total agricultural
Broiler and turkey meat and eggs is among the highest in the world. In addition, ostrich are raised for leather and meat, primarily. Hot climate conditions in Israel necessitated the development of highly productive, disease resistant poultry breeds.

Other farming activities in Israel include:
-Bee keeping
-Floriculture-growing of flowers
-Sheep and goat rearing

Production under protected conditions has become the principal way for Israeli growers to ensure a constant, year-round supply of high-quality products, while minimizing the use of chemicals. This method helps to overcome obstacles posed by adverse climatic conditions and a shortage of water and land all this and much  more happening in your number one tour company
Call +254705648246 or email

Monday, September 15, 2014


Sometimes we want to take a trip but we have the fear of venturing in a new place alone we really wonder shall I not be lonely? Shall I meet all the cost of travel? Will it be good leaving my friends behind? all those questions hinder us from travelling alone and you wait till that time you will get company, what if your friends are not fun of travelling? Does that mean you will stay indoors and just die there knowing only your home town let me take you through the benefits of travelling alone?


Solo travellers know how to live moments to their fullest because they know that won’t last for long, so if they are in the mountain tops, in the beaches, in the bushes enjoying the nature the solo traveler knows how to do that best.

They don’t blame anyone for their misfortunes on the planning of the journey!! Flights they miss, showing up a day earlier in the airport, for the accommodation they forgot to book it’s all their mess.

They ask for nothing less than adventure, they are always ready to take risk because no one is near to resist them doing that. This end up creating a lot of bravery in them.

Being their own boss set them free to do anything they like. When you are own boss you are open to change and you receive it with no restriction. You are the master of everything

Travelling solo helps you meditate on your life and make lifetime decision. Recreating yourself to a new being and focusing on what you want to be in life, leaving all behind and letting go of your worry.

You get to meet new faces and make great friends because when you travel with partners you tend to stick to them all the time without talking to other people. And some of the new people you meet when you are alone tend even to become your life partners.

You gain a lot of knowledge moments you take time away from home really create a lot of impacts to your life and get to know a lot of new things which were tales to you. Knowledge is priceless.

They believe in entertaining themselves because if they don’t do that no one will do they know how to bond with other tourist and others locals. And through that they end up being the greatest story tellers they got a sense of humor in their adventure stories.

 Flexibility when you are alone is so important if you feel like extending your trip to another country it’s all upon you. You will do all you wish with no one giving different opinions of what they want. No one is there to insist you go to the beach while you want to go to hiking.

We fountain make great itineraries for solo travellers and we know the activities they enjoy most even when alone just give us a call +254705 648 246 or drop us an email

Friday, September 12, 2014


1. Always take frequent shorter trips it’s better to have many short trips during the year than one long trip during the year   making it easier and relaxing

2. Choose your companions wisely because they will determine your happiness you don’t want to go with quarrelsome people they might ruin everything no matter how good it is.

3. Always book your trip early as possible to avoid the last minute rush and inconveniences

4. Pay early so as to reduce the pain of paying while you are enjoying your vacation this will help you concentrate on the experience instead of debts.

5. If you can’t afford a very far vacation tour around your town it’s amazing how people yearn to go to Mombasa yet they haven’t visited their nearest park.
6. Leave all your work tools at home don’t go carrying your laptop to reply enquires yet you are supposed to be enjoying yourself with your companions. You can ensure this done by setting  a customized autoreply email, and outgoing voicemails.

7. Choose a great destination when you are doing your research one which has all level of activities may it be for the children or the adults.

8. Be strategic with your schedule prefer going on a vacation on that low season of your business that will ensure you don’t have a pile of work after you return.

9. Empower and trust your colleagues with your job this will enable them to deal with your important customers while you are away

10. After you have enjoyed your trip always post your pictures online this can inspire others to take a vacation too.  Always Inspire before you expire