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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get Your Reward When You Travel

There are many reasons we travel. Sometimes you are required by circumstance for example a wedding in the family, or you are going for honeymoon or bereavement in friend’s family. Then you find yourself miles away from home.  But there are other times when you schedule on your diary, that this weekend I want to tour the Mara or London or Paris to see the Effie tower. No matter the circumstance there are immense benefits for traveling.
I will take you through 5 great rewards you get when you travel

Travel awakens your brains
Being in the same environment over and over again creates a norm which is not healthy and makes us so dormant but try at least once a month to move out from your comfort zone called home go even though it’s your next hometown you will realize later how much knowledge you have, how exposed you are to different culture and thus will help you to cope with different people and will make you an excellent leader.

Meet new faces
When you move away from your work station or residence it will help you meet new people who you could have never met, this will help you add your list of friends and nothing good like having friends all over the world you will always have a person to help you when you are in shit anywhere in the world. Maybe you are New York and you miss your flight and you don’t have a clue of a hotel which will meet your budget but your friend will always be there. Getting new knowledge from your new friends can be really helpful maybe you have been struggling with a problem and your new friends maybe the sent saviour to help you out.

See life from another perspective
What makes us continue with racism, tribalism is that we love looking one side of thecoin and mostly the negative one but don’t want to turn it over. But fear of change is the cause of our ignorance not until you travel it’s when you will stop looking at things like our grandfathers did.

Build confidence   

When you move from your usual place – your comfort zone - and go to a place you have never been,and get involved in  new activities, this creates confidence and  resilience to try some more and to conquer new frontiers in your social and business life.

Creating memories
There is nothing great like hear people narrate stories of their childhood what they did, where they were taken by their parents, at the moment it just occur like you are having fun not until you realize the good memories that were created out of the fun. When you travel to a new place it’s very easy to remember that moment even in your old age, and to narrate it to other people who have never gone makes it more fun.
As St. Augustine says the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.