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Monday, September 15, 2014


Sometimes we want to take a trip but we have the fear of venturing in a new place alone we really wonder shall I not be lonely? Shall I meet all the cost of travel? Will it be good leaving my friends behind? all those questions hinder us from travelling alone and you wait till that time you will get company, what if your friends are not fun of travelling? Does that mean you will stay indoors and just die there knowing only your home town let me take you through the benefits of travelling alone?


Solo travellers know how to live moments to their fullest because they know that won’t last for long, so if they are in the mountain tops, in the beaches, in the bushes enjoying the nature the solo traveler knows how to do that best.

They don’t blame anyone for their misfortunes on the planning of the journey!! Flights they miss, showing up a day earlier in the airport, for the accommodation they forgot to book it’s all their mess.

They ask for nothing less than adventure, they are always ready to take risk because no one is near to resist them doing that. This end up creating a lot of bravery in them.

Being their own boss set them free to do anything they like. When you are own boss you are open to change and you receive it with no restriction. You are the master of everything

Travelling solo helps you meditate on your life and make lifetime decision. Recreating yourself to a new being and focusing on what you want to be in life, leaving all behind and letting go of your worry.

You get to meet new faces and make great friends because when you travel with partners you tend to stick to them all the time without talking to other people. And some of the new people you meet when you are alone tend even to become your life partners.

You gain a lot of knowledge moments you take time away from home really create a lot of impacts to your life and get to know a lot of new things which were tales to you. Knowledge is priceless.

They believe in entertaining themselves because if they don’t do that no one will do they know how to bond with other tourist and others locals. And through that they end up being the greatest story tellers they got a sense of humor in their adventure stories.

 Flexibility when you are alone is so important if you feel like extending your trip to another country it’s all upon you. You will do all you wish with no one giving different opinions of what they want. No one is there to insist you go to the beach while you want to go to hiking.

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