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Friday, September 12, 2014


1. Always take frequent shorter trips it’s better to have many short trips during the year than one long trip during the year   making it easier and relaxing

2. Choose your companions wisely because they will determine your happiness you don’t want to go with quarrelsome people they might ruin everything no matter how good it is.

3. Always book your trip early as possible to avoid the last minute rush and inconveniences

4. Pay early so as to reduce the pain of paying while you are enjoying your vacation this will help you concentrate on the experience instead of debts.

5. If you can’t afford a very far vacation tour around your town it’s amazing how people yearn to go to Mombasa yet they haven’t visited their nearest park.
6. Leave all your work tools at home don’t go carrying your laptop to reply enquires yet you are supposed to be enjoying yourself with your companions. You can ensure this done by setting  a customized autoreply email, and outgoing voicemails.

7. Choose a great destination when you are doing your research one which has all level of activities may it be for the children or the adults.

8. Be strategic with your schedule prefer going on a vacation on that low season of your business that will ensure you don’t have a pile of work after you return.

9. Empower and trust your colleagues with your job this will enable them to deal with your important customers while you are away

10. After you have enjoyed your trip always post your pictures online this can inspire others to take a vacation too.  Always Inspire before you expire