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Monday, January 23, 2012

Kisumu city tour

The Lake side city of Kisumu is home to a number of tourist attractions and this tour takes you to the primary sites in the city.  These include the cultural centers like the Museum and the Kit Mikaye, The Leisure Boat trips from Yacht Club, Kiboko Bay Beach Resort or Dunga Beach to Ndere Island and around the Gulf not to mention the Visits to Impala Park and the Hippo point.

Kisumu Museum
The Kisumu Museum has a variety of interesting animal exhibits, including a stuffed lion pouncing on an equally stuffed Wildebeest. There are ethnographic exhibits and a display of musical instruments. The Kisumu Museum is considered by many to be one of Kenya’s finest collections, exhibiting displays on wildlife as well as native Luo culture.

The Impala Park Tour 
Impala Park is a game sanctuary and animal orphanage and home to the rare Sitatunga antelope. The Kisumu Impala Wildlife Sanctuary was opened in 1992 with the intention of protecting a herd of impala and serve as a safe grazing ground for hippopotamus from the lakes. Spread over an area of less than 1sq km, this wildlife sanctuary acts a holding point for problem animals like baboons, hyenas and leopards. You will be able to see these animals within a close range.

Kiboko Bay Resort tour and boating excursion in Lake Victoria
Kiboko Bay Beach resort is a beach resort formerly known as Dunga Refreshments. It has since changed its name to Kiboko Bay Tented Resort. It has five lodges and a view point for the hippos, a restaurant and a boat excursion point with Luxurious boats. It is a good recreation center for families and visitors wishing to have a close encounter with Lake Victoria Hippos during the day if you are lucky. You will also have an excursion which takes you inside the Lake Victoria on a leisure boat. You will board the boat at Kiboko bay beach resort or Dunga Beach ,then ride around the gulf to Hippo Point, the car wash area, Tilapia beach, then to Kisumu beach resort, proceed along the shores of lake Victoria to Ndere island National park in lake Victoria, see the wildlife then ride back to Kiboko bay beach resort for lunch. With arrangement, a picnic lunch would be served in the boat inside the Lake.
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