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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Thailand has become synonymous with desert island holidays, which have been helped by popular Hollywood films. With its pleasant surroundings and laid-back lifestyle, it is easy to see why Thailand is consistently ranked as one of the top expat destinations, according to our Expert Explore survey.
However Thailand is more than just sun and beach and we scratch beneath the surface to explore what this charming South East Asian gem has to offer.

With evidence of humans living in Thailand for over 40,000 years, the cultural heritage in the country is rich with the assimilation of many Indian influences. Unlike its neighbours, Thailand was one of the few countries in the region that were not colonised by European powers and therefore has maintained its unique and distinct Thai identity which can especially be seen at the numerous Buddhist temples which number over 40,000 within the country.

Thai food is famous throughout the world however each region within Thailand has its own distinctive cuisine which is familiar to the country that borders each region; Burma to the North-West, Laos to the North, Vietnam and Cambodia to the East and Malaysia to the south. To demonstrate its popularity some popular Thai dishes featured in the world's most delicious food list including tom yam kung at number 8 and massaman curry being the most delicious food in the world.

Thai kickboxing or Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. The martial art uses both hands and feet and has become popular because of popular training regime required given the level of physical intensity required. In recent years especially the martial art has also grown in popularity after Thai fighters won a number of fights against other martial arts combatants.

Khon is a type of traditional dance in Thailand which is performed solely in the royal court by men in masks. A variation which is performed by females is called khon phu ying. Khon dancers do not speak during the performance however at the side of the stage is a chorus who tell the story. Khon is the most stylish dance and follows traditional choreography as supposed to being innovative like other Thai dances.  As with cuisine, each region of Thailand has its own unique style of dance.

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