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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ripples Meru Marathon

This years #RipplesMeruMarathon event has been organized by Ripples International in conjunction with #MeruCounty administration to help break the silence against #childsexualviolence mainly in Meru County but with consideration to also create awareness not only in this region of #Kenya but also to other regions. The #marathon is scheduled to take place on 29 September 2013, with the Chief Guest being His Excellency, the President #UhuruKenyatta , and will attract a cash prize of Sh1 million. The event aims to raise KES100m.
Ripples International cater for #violatedchildren who turn to them for support. Organizers are targeting 10,000 participants.The marathon event is intended to create awareness and raise funds for the protection of children against #sexualviolence. The project is run at Brenda Boone Tumaini Centre situated in Kithoka and has to date rescued 254 children since its inception in 2006.
After rescue, the sexual violence child survivors access diverse types of services with the basic ones being medical treatment, shelter, trauma counseling and legal services. The marathon will have four races – 42.2km, 21.1km, 10 km and 5km. In addition to the several races that individuals are set to participate in, there are other categories allowing for teams from institutions such as organizations’ executives, school parties, physically challenged individuals as well as the aged to run at a discounted rate.The event will attract over 10,000 participants including elite Kenyan, Catherine Ndereba and Patrick Makau Musyoki, and other international athletes as well as local spectators and other invited guests. Fountain Safaris-Tours and Travel is proud to support the cause and give back to our community......

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