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Monday, February 24, 2014

Travel News and Easter Offers

March is here with us. And below is some of the headlines that a traveller will find interesting.
  • If you are Kenyan, you can travel to Uganda or Rwanda using your national identity card as a travel document at the airport or at the border.
  • Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda yesterday presented their joint single tourist visa to the world during the concluded International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany. This will allow visitors to enter all three countries by paying $100 instead of $150 in total for a period of 90 days. In addition, tourism officials from Kenya and Tanzania have entered into a deal that will enable Tour Operators convey tourists to selected locations in either nation. This agreement is geared towards supporting the overall East African Community integration scheme and is expected to boost business between the two nations. 
  • Jambo Jet, a subsidiary of Kenya Airways will start operations on 1st April to offer one flight from Nairobi to Mombasa/Kisumu at Ksh 3,000.
  • Kenyans travel to India will be required to produce an Oral polio vaccination certificate. India has eradicated the disease and officials and setting up measure to prevent reintroduction of the disease.
  • On the conservation front, we have began to see Government effort in prosecution Ivory smugglers in the country. The punitive ruling would give a much-needed boost to wildlife protection efforts.
Easter Holiday Offers
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Easter Holiday in Kenya

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