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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The lost and found new heavens for flamingoes

Are you aware of a lake called Lake Oloidien  just next to LakeNaivasha? This is great news for those who are not fun of masses when they travel because Lake Oloidien is not known by many, the lake is known for the thousands of lesser flamingos found there. Originally the lake was a part of Lake Naivasha but later spilt up and now it’s on its own its about 25m higher and  200meters away from the orignal lake(Naivasha). The word oloidien means salty and  because of its salinity it produces spirulina which is the main food for flamingoes and this has attracted many flamingoes in the lake, just to be in the know you can know the difference between lesser flamingo and greater flamingo by just looking at them when they are together in the lake the lesser flamingo is smaller and has a red dark  beak with a black tip deep yellow orange eyes surrounded by a reddish brown ring, on the other hand  the greater flamingo is larger and  has pink beak with a restrictive black tip and got a pink skin from the eye to the beak. and many wonder where the flamingoes get their pink beautiful colour because they are hatched with the grey colour but the food they feed on make them look so stunning to be specific shrimp(beta carotene) the same natural chemical that turn carrots to orange. the same with human being what we consume affect our looks in a way  so eat healthy and you remain young and beautiful.

  Lake oloiden is surrounded by acacia trees where you can find animals like zebras,thopmson gazelles waterbucks and many more found there.  This is a place  to be when you want to enjoy that sweet moment away from hustles and bustles of the city 
What you can do when you visit.
        Boat riding
        Nature walk
        Bird watching
        have a picnic
        wildlife viewing
 You can get to lake oloidien by road because it’s a 30min drive from Naivasha town using the moi 
Southlake road 
Dont  worry about accomodation there are plenty of hotels around the area like,lake naivasha country club, lake naivasha panaroma park enshapai resort and spa etc

If you want to visit lake oloiden we are here to take you there book with us now or call us 0705648246