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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 Wildebeest is also called gnu(pronounced as news) is in the family of antelopes in its Swahili name they are called "nyumbu montu". the wildebeest is among the biggest antelopes we have and its face resemble that of a bull, and its mane and tail are like that of a horse. wildebeest are strictly grazers but don't live for long without water, they inhabit in large plains of African savannah where there is a lot of grass. one unusual thing with the wildebeest is that they can sense thunderstorms  30 mile away and this helps them follow the rains across Africa making the great migration,  "the seven new wonder of the world" which occur  from June they shift from Serengeti to Mara in search for food. Its predators are mostly, the king of the jungle , the fastest animal, the crocodiles and us humans because of its sweet food called the blitong in South Africa. There are two types of  the black wildebeest or the blue wildebeest the difference can be seen in that Blue wildebeest tend to be a dark grey color with stripes, but may have a bluish sheen. The black wildebeest has brown-coloured hair, with a mane that ranges in color from cream to black, and a cream-coloured tail. not all wildebeest are migratory the black wildebeest are mostly nomadic and have regular homes like for 1squared kilometer. its now a high moment for us to start enjoying the great migration again . Lets travel to Mara.