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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Africa Safari tips, Travel tips, Masai Mara Travel tips

Travelling can be quite hectic if it’s rushed and can be enjoyable when planned on time.
A good traveller is able to make up their mind and decide where they want to go on time. This helps them save for the trip on time. If one intends to take up a tour in next year summer one can start saving for it now.  This takes discipline which is one of the key principles that we encourage all travellers to have.  This helps you take even the most luxurious tour you have ever dreamt of without making you feel like you have paid through the nose. 
1        Plan on Time
A good traveller plans their tour on time and makes sure that all confirmations are made on time. But what we find ourselves doing is precisely the opposite. We know we want to go on holiday in December but we start making plans in November that then makes us rush over things and sometimes pay higher prices compared with those that book early.   
2        Pay on time
Why should you pay on time anyway?
This is the question that we keep on asking ourselves in many occasions. You have planned on time, yes! You have even placed a deposit to secure your booking but we spare the last payments for just in case.  You have booked a holiday in December probably from 22nd to 29th but we spare the last payments until the eleventh hour this means we pay fully on 20th or even worse 21st for fear of just in case....just in case I get sick......and just in case something happens before I travel, and just in case this and that. This makes us rush over things the last minute and hence not enjoying our holidays to the fullest.  
Paying on time gives the service provider time to plan and prepare for you. They therefore, have no grounds of not delivering the services appropriately.  Paying on time also gives you a peace of mind... the burden is off you to the service providers and this gives you room to think of other greater things.
3        Check list on time
Out of my many travel experiences one thing I can advise especially for the international trips is that one needs to have a check list of the things that you will need on the trip. This should include the money that you will spend while there.  I witnessed in one of the tours that I was a tour leader one of the client packed everything else excluding the money. He forgot the money in the coat that he had won when he went to the forex bureau probably in the same envelop, with the receipts and everything else just as he had gotten it. Since he had to do shopping and his upkeep he had to spend more money to have it sent to him. This could not have happened if he had a check list including the word MONEY or DOLLARS or whatever the currency you want to use. See a comprehensive safari packing list to assist you on this.
4        Countries requirements
Different countries have rules and regulations for different travellers coming from different countries or different regions in the world. Find out early from your travel agent or the embassy if there is any special requirement for the kind of passport you have.
An example is a yellow Fever Certificate.  Many countries require a yellow fever certificate for most travellers from Africa and the yellow fever infected countries before stepping on their soil.  I witnessed a case where one of the travellers was held at the airport for almost 24 hours just because he ignored to carry or rather to get the Yellow Fever certificate. Always take caution of the things that are required in different countries. For example in Kenya when going to the National Parks without an Identity Card or driving licence for Kenyans can cost you more money in case you are required to prove that you are a Kenyan or pay like the non residents which is more. 
5.      Engage a Tour & Travel Agent on time    
My advice to all travellers and potential travellers would be, to engage a Tour & Travel Agent. The consultants advise you on what you need to carry and at what time and also give you all the information that you may require on the trip.  A good Travel Agent takes care of all the hustles for you including getting the visas and the like except for the embassies where you are required to appear in person.  Be also very careful when choosing a Travel Agent and note that cheap is always expensive.  Africa Travel Agents
6.      Special offers and Off Seasons
A good traveller keeps an ear open and makes full use of the special offers and off peak seasons.  Once you have identified a destination, keep checking for offers from airlines and service providers as this can help you save. At the same time different destinations may have different seasons and rates. Travel when rates are low to save on some money.

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