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Friday, October 29, 2010

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Kenyan Visa Requirements
Doing a safari to Kenya? Here are the visa requirements. for more details

• Valid passports or other travel documents including Seaman’s Discharge Book, acceptable to the Government of Kenya are required for all persons wishing to enter Kenya.
• No official endorsement should be done on Passports issued by the Governments NOT recognized by the Government of Kenya as valid travel documents; instead, a paper visitor’s pass should be issued therein.
• Passports must be valid for at least Six (6) Months.
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Subject to the exemptions mentioned below, an immigration pass or permit is required by all persons, other than Kenya citizens wishing to enter Kenya.

All persons who are entitled to privileges and immunities under the Privileges and Immunities Act (Cap. 179) and who are covered under section 4(3) (a) to (g) of the Immigration Act (Cap. 172) Laws of Kenya.

• A bona fide visitor may be issued with a visitor’s pass on arrival at a port of entry into Kenya valid for a period not exceeding three months in the first instance provided that he is in possession of a valid passport or other travel document acceptable to the Government of Kenya, has a valid visa where required, is in possession of sufficient funds for subsistence while in Kenya and a return, or onward ticket to his country of origin, domicile or destination.
• Holders’ of East African Passports may be issued with a visitor’s pass on arrival at a port of entry into Kenya valid for Six Months.
• Travellers entering Kenya by road should be advised to pass through the gazetted entry points and report immediately to an Immigration Officer.
Note: Under no circumstances shall a paper visitor’s pass be issued in advance to a person intending to come to Kenya for holiday or business.

E. Prohibited Immigrants
The following categories of persons are classified as prohibited Immigrants in Kenya and accordingly shall not be issued with visas or permitted to enter Kenya;
a. Any persons incapable of supporting himself/herself or his/her accompanying dependants in Kenya.
b. Any person suffering from a mental disorder or being a mental defective.
c. Any person who refuses to submit to medical examination on arrival when required to do so by an Immigration Officer in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Act.
d. Any person certified by a medical practitioner to be suffering from a disease, which shall make his/her presence in Kenya undesirable on medical grounds.
e. Any person who, not having received a free pardon has been convicted in any country including Kenya, of murder, or of any offence for which a sentence of imprisonment has been passed for any term and who, by reasons of such conviction and imprisonment is considered to be an undesirable immigrant.
f. Any person whose entry and presence in Kenya is deemed by the Minister to be contrary to national interests, including persons suspected to be involved with or sympathetic to terrorist groups.
g. Any prostitute or person living on or receiving or who has lived on or received the proceeds of prostitution.
h. Any person in respect of whom there is in force an order directing him/her to remain out of Kenya.
i. Any dependants of the persons mentioned in the foregoing categories and classes.
j. Any person who is involved or suspected to be involved in illicit trafficking and trade in narcotics.
k. Any person or groups of persons who are involved or suspected to be involved in human trafficking.
l. Any person involved or suspected to be involved in illicit arms trade.
m. Any person involved or suspected to be involved in money laundering.