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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Turkana 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse

It's that time again where certain people on Earth are lucky enough to see an eclipse, or "Ring of fire." Solar Eclipses occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and directly blocks
the light of the sun. Because the moon is located between the Sun and Earth the dark side of the
moon is facing Earth and is in a New Moon phase.
On November 3, 2013, a total solar eclipse will pass over Kenya, one of the major events on the global tourist scene. The total phase of the solar eclipse will only last for 15 Seconds alongside Lake Turkana. It is considered to be one of the most awe‐inspiring spectacles in all of nature, which is worth traveling to go see. The sky will take on an eerie twilight as the black disk of the Moon replaces the Sun’s bright face. Surrounding the Moon is a beautiful gossamer halo. The event is a singularly memorable experience which a story or picture can never ever describe the experience.
This event offers a chance for Kenya to showcase Northern Kenya as an additional tourism
attraction with the promise of adventure tourism and exploitation of Astro‐Tourism. The country
can be placed on the world map boasting as one of the best locations on earth to view this Hybrid
Total Solar Eclipse, which according to scientists is a rare occurrence.
Tourists will witness a 14 or 22‐second sunset total eclipse of the Sun by the shores of Lake
Turkana in a desert landscape. This gives Kenya an opportunity to showcase other parts of the
country not known to many. Tourists‐ both local and International, will have the chance to
experience world‐class desert safaris while visiting the Cradle of Mankind (Northern Tourist
Circuit).  There is so much to tell and this safari could be sold so that everyone should try to go at least one time, on this pilgrim trip to Northern Kenya.
People on the ground in much of Northern Kenya, Gabon, Liberia and selected parts of the world, will be able to gaze toward the sky to witness the amazing eclipse. However, the rest of us, who aren't in that part of the world, all is not lost. There are various tour companies that can plan for you and deliver this once in a life time experience in Turkana County. One of the top tour companies that are planning for this spectacular event is Fountains Safaris.

Here are the details on the where and the time to view the eclipse:

Viewing locations (GPS Coordinates)
3° 35' 19.71" N <—> 3.58881°
35° 51' 28.81" E <—> 35.85800°
EXACT ECLIPSE SPOT EAST SIDE :3° 40' 57.68" N <—> 3.68269°
36° 14' 40.50" E <—> 36.24458°
3rd November ‐ Total Solar Eclipse – Sibiloi

National Park, Lake Turkana the Jade Sea
Start Partial Eclipse 16:13:03 EAT
Start of Total Eclipse 17:25:12 EAT
Sun Altitude 11.8°
End of Total Eclipse 17:25:26 EAT
Approximate Sunset 18:17 EAT
End of Partial Eclipse 18:27:47 EAT
Duration of Totality: 15 seconds
The partial eclipse will start at 16:25 local time.
The total eclipse will be at 17:25 local time.
The partial eclipse ends at 18.27 local time.

Tips for viewing a solar eclipse:

Try to spot a shadow band before and after totality. These are peculiar shadow effects visible on flat surfaces that aren’t too dark. They can be quite difficult to spot so keep an eye out for them.
Bright, red dots will form around the moon. Use binoculars to spot these dots, known as prominences.
You can safely view a solar eclipse by making a pinhole projector which basically means projecting the image of the eclipse on something else and looking at that.
WARNING: Never look directly at the sun during an eclipse with a telescope or your unaided eye. Severe eye damage can result and scientists use special filters to safely view the sun.
Note: If you live in the observing area of today's solar eclipse and safely snap an amazing picture of the sun that you'd like to share for a possible story or image gallery, send photos, comments and your name and location to

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