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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


                                  Kenya Airways 787 Dreamliner almost here!

  Enjoy the comfort of travelling with the model 5Y-KZA 787 Dreamliner which is finally arriving in April 4 with a better comfort than the Boeing 777- 300 ER. The business class has its full flatbed seats with leather foot rests, laptop stowage and armrest that can also act as privacy divider the guests can now enjoy a high quality in flight entertainment as each seat has a 15.4 inch touch screen monitor, power sockets and usb port and an inflight entertainment handset. 

 The economy class is also as comfortable than before with articulating seat bottoms for better legroom four way adjustable headrest 10.6 inch touch screen monitors, entertainment and delicious meals. The Boeing 787 is preferred by KQ because it has greater fuel efficiency and more cargo space it also has a capacity to carry between 210 and 300 passengers on routes raging from 14200km to 15200km, fuel cost account for more than half of KQ direct operating cost. The airline plans to begin 787 operation from 14th April. The airline wants to targets more destinations in Asia and the far East. Could the airline be flying to London. Paris or Amsterdam? This still remains a mystery till the liner is here! 

 The 787 Dreamliner is said to be designed with the passenger in mind, right from the start. All elements work together; all technology is integrated for a significantly better passenger experience. "will you fly dreaming" ...its a wait and see situation! 

The interior is designed to connect passengers with the positive aspects of flying.
Such a demonstrably superior experience makes the 787 the airplane passengers will prefer, optimizing its revenue-generating potential. 

Enjoy your flight! 

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